Hazelnuts | All You Need to Know About (3)

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Disfavor Diabetes

These nuts are low in a glycemic index, do not raise sugar levels.

The dietary fiber present in these nuts not just makes you full but also improves HDL levels and lowers LDL levels. On the whole, a good snack for diabetic patients or anyone who is on the bottom line of diabetes.

Therapeutic in Menstrual Cramps

As these nuts contain a rich amount of magnesium, vitamin E, and calcium, they provide relief during menstrual cramps. Moreover, helpful in effectively maintaining the menstrual cycle.

Source of Protein

The best snack option for vegetarians especially, the nuts carry enough amount of protein and fiber as well that boosts up fat burning and develops lean mass.

Favorable for Digestive System Health

Again, fiber present in hazelnuts helps to maintain your bowel movements and counteract constipation.

Note: 1 oz gives 2.7 grams of fiber, covers 10% of recommended dietary allowance (RDA) per day.

Furthermore, these nuts enable proper assimilation of nutrients while ensuring toxins and wastes wiped out from the body through fecal matter.

Effectual for Joint and Bone Health

Magnesium, together with calcium, is quite beneficial for joint and bone health. They encourage bone growth and strength and safeguard from osteoporosis.

Improves Nervous System Health

Hazelnuts contain vitamin B6, which is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of amino acids and the production of several neurotransmitters. Consequently, they give a hand to uphold the nervous system’s health.

Dessert having Hazelnuts
Dessert having Hazelnuts

Improves Immunity Power:

Abundant amount of assorted minerals like calcium, manganese, magnesium, and potassium aid unobstructed blood flow in the body, which obviates many awful health conditions and boosts immunity.

Beats Stress and Depression:

These nuts include a good amount of alpha-linolenic acid and omega3 fatty acids that help to ease many psychological conditions, for example, anxiety, depression, stress, and even schizophrenia. On top of that, they support memory enhancement and play a significant role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Rich Source of Iron:

Hazelnuts, an exquisite natural remedy for iron deficiencies as they include the ideal amount of iron doses. Thus, shielding your body from numerous health threats.

Note: A half-cup of hazelnuts provides about 30% of the daily recommended value of iron.

Nutritious for Infants:

Being a folate-rich nut, it fulfills the essential requirements of nutrients needed for infants’ growth, which makes them an exceptional food for the development of the infant.

Note: Only 30 grams of hazelnuts will satisfy 17% of the daily recommended value of crucial nutrients.

Control the Blood Pressure Level:

The other name of hazelnuts is cobnuts (filberts). They are utterly favorable for people who are suffering from hypertension. These nuts help in lowering the blood pressure level and reduce the danger associated with many cardiovascular conditions, such as stroke and paralysis.

Other Benefits

  • They help in cutting down sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity, which rectifies fertility levels.
  • A healthy snack for pregnant women almost contains all essential nutrients required in pregnancy.
  • Precaution: As hazelnut is a fiber-rich food, be sure your fluid consumption is adequate to avoid constipation issues.
  • Women who recently gave birth add these nuts in their diet as they not only provide vital nutrients and prevent unwanted hunger pangs but also help them get back to shape.
  • The nut is rich in healthy fats, adding it in a weight gain diet is a healthful approach for increasing some weight.

Side Effects

Hazelnuts don’t have many side effects; only there is a risk for peoples who have tree-nuts allergies. Some of the allergy symptoms are as follows:

  • Your skin may have hives or eczema.
  • You get allergic conjunctivitis in the eyes
  • There is an Angioedema threat (swelling of lips, tongue, or face).
  • Chances of getting Anaphylaxis, a critical allergic reaction that needs immediate medical attention.
  • Also, some commons allergies are Nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, wheezing, coughing, or a runny nose.

Note: Symptoms are visible within two hours of consuming hazelnuts or food containing these nuts.

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