Hazelnuts | All You Need to Know About (2)

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Hazelnuts fulfill around 86% of the daily requirement of vitamin E, which results in little or no early fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. They help in delaying the early onset of aging signs.

Vitamin E and some other good fats from the nuts help your skin to stay moisturized and hydrated for a long time means skin looks visibly radiant and less greasy. Additionally, they rated as a natural moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin.

Hazelnut oil is arguably well known as a natural sunscreen. It protects your skin from the harsh UV rays and its damaging effects. Plus, due to the excellent number of antioxidants present in these nuts, it acts as a protective shield against cancer induced by UVA/UVB rays.

Last but not least, these nuts are the best friends of acne-prone skin. Adding them to your diet fastens the acne treatment process.


Daily hazelnuts consumption resultantly strengthens your hair. For doubling the benefits, you can apply hazelnuts oil on the scalp and hair and massage for a few minutes, it’s a wholesome hair care regimen. In addition to that, the oil is good for dry and damaged hair as well as treats split ends and leaves your hair more radiant and healthier.


Healthy Snack

The bright side of hazelnuts is they are diet-friendly. If you are on your weight loss journey, these nuts will be a great option for pre-meal munch. As they are high in calories, they not only fill up your stomach but impede overeating, all you need is to control your consumption.

Heart’s Companion

These nuts are the enemy of cholesterol; they contain Unsaturated fats (notably oleic acid), which limits the LDL levels and promotes the HDL levels. Likewise, magnesium present in hazelnuts helps in exaggerating calcium level, which is harmful to heart health and safeguards your heart from overstraining.

Prevents Cancer

Having a good amount of alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E variation) and manganese (especially mitochondria, an anti-oxidative enzyme) hazelnuts play an important role in restraining the risk associated with certain types of cancer.

Support Muscles Growth

Aforementioned, magnesium keeps calcium level moving to and from body cells healthily. These nuts help to provide relief from muscular tension and counteract muscle cramps, fatigue, soreness, and spasm.

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Part 1 https://annbs.com/nutrition/eatables-database/hazelnuts/

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