17 Golden Rules of Healthy Living You Need to Keep

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Life, like technology ages with time.

So, in this continuous process, it is our duty to keep regenerate ourselves along with changing needs.

Living life fully and with success becomes a constant quest. On one hand, a human being has complex emotions and caliber but they are able to adopt changes too.

I am able to manage the odds of my life, do you?

Why not try to rejuvenate and revitalize our energy so that we can face unexpected changes in life.

It is essential to follow certain golden rules of life. They are helpful:

golden rules
Golden Rules of Healthy Living

Positive attitude

Positive thinking makes a difference It is outstanding healing and helps you make the best use of the talent around you.

What makes life easy?

Having positive thoughts about others make our life easy.

Also, a person with positive attitude recovers faster more the dreaded illnesses and improve the immune system.


One of the great weapons helps in maintain flexibility and liveliness.

Do you want to lead a better physical, mental and emotional life?

Then don’t forget to do regular exercise.

An exercise routine for at least three or four times a week for 20 to 30 minutes per day enables one to increase the energy Input and to lead a happy and healthy life.


Food has a huge effect on the health and renewal of energy. A nutritive food helps to build up the body and repair the body tissues. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy diet.

Hey, check your daily diet, improve it and achieve a healthy life.


Anything continually annoying or distracting you?

If so, be patient it helps you to overcome from that irritant feeling.

Leading a successful life needs a patient person because it is not easy to defeat and discourage them.


It’s our willpower which makes difficult things turns out easy to accomplish.

So next time don’t be lazy when you start something hard, just do it with determination and sooner or later you will get the result you want.


Why not follow a never-ending principle – talk less do more.

A person who talks more often do little.  men of action do not talk much. Speaking precisely and positively when you have to is an art only smart people can cope with it.

Avoid over-reacting

The most successful person is those who know when to press the button. Anger, panic, and frustration can do more harm than good.

Try proactive responses and avoid overactive responses it is the key to success.


Key of a healthy and happy life is be with your friends.

Yes, seriously this increases your happiness and reduce sadness.

Life has a simple rule:

Multiply your joy and divide your sorrows.

Friendship is like a supportive system facilitates person to cope during times of crisis.


Do you ever radiate happiness and wins people’s heart?

Just try it.

When someone is tense or worried, laughter can be the best tonic. It heals the pain and provides pleasure in life.

It is an effective shield. You can test it by laughing your own mistakes.

Must try to take life as it comes you can achieve the wonders.

Self-confidence and Faith

Everyone loves compliments, me too. J

But who win compliments and how?

A person who has confidence in self and faith in destiny will win the game.

When your faith in a higher power all past bounds are given by tragedies healed and self-confidence make you strong enough to face challenges.


Achieving inner peace is the biggest challenge in today’s life.

For this, the formula is effortless.

I know everybody has some blunders and stupidities, but the idea is to move on and forget them.

Start your day with fresh strength and high spirit, you will definitely get self-satisfaction.

Rest and leisure

To rejuvenate yourself and leading a healthy life everyone needs proper sleep. Sleep repair and Renews the mind and the body.

A proper rest revives you and helps the body to sustain high stamina and energy.

Recharge mental battery

Don’t work in pressure, take small breaks when pressure rises.

You can turn your work into play if your mind is vitalized.

Remember, to be effective is possible when one should be fresh.

Maintain routine

In order to save time and utilize it for more valuable tasks set proper routine for daily tasks and take responsibility to be consistent on it. 

In this way, you should develop strong coping skills together with getting rejuvenated and revitalized.

Refresh your body to work

What boost up tactic do you use after long tired day?

Our mind needs rest for being refreshed.

Do you know the best way to get the desired result are to divert one’s mind off the job for a while by indulging in activities that will make you happy i.e. sport or gardening or cleaning of the house.

Create a buffer against monotonous routine work

Feeling tired during repetitious routine work?

Try to take a break or get up stretch yourself admire the view chat with your colleagues.

Do anything but don’t drag on, be cheerful with work.

Do your best

Trying and trying to do best but we forget if we think about the results, we will never devote 100% to the task. Do thinks in the best possible way and forget about the result.

Together with, do one thing at a time, solve your problem one by one in this way you are able to do justice with your problems

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