Dreams – What You Know About And What You Don’t? (6)

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Core Techniques to Reveal the Meaning of Dreams

A dream can be discovered over weeks, months, or years. But why not to try a few speedy as well as simple techniques to figure out what message your dream conveys. The two commonly used techniques are given below:

  1. Re-enter in your dreams
  2. Ask yourself a couple of question to get the message
A girl re-visualize her dream
A girl re-visualize her dream

Re-enter in your dreams

This technique is known as an Active Imagination developed by Carl Jung. It focuses on an internal mental image, which includes daydreams, emotions, memories, or a mood to get more detail about it. In the dream context, active imagination is the method of imaginatively go back in a dream while waking. The following steps will be taken;

  • Look for a quiet place.
  • Lay down and close your eyes.
  • Try to recall the memory of your dream vibrantly back in your mind.
  • Visualize and relive your dream to fetch the information about colors, emotion, environment, etc.
  • Now reveal the information you get.

Finally, in this way, you can get the message of your dream. Moreover, you can use this technique for all types of dreams.


Ask yourself a couple of question to interpret the message your dream wants to tell.

  1. Who are you in your dream; same personality as you are at present or you described yourself someone else?
  2. What is the strongest sentiment or impression you experience during the dream?
  3. Does that feel or emotion echo any of life’s past or present event?
  4. What is the core element i.e. image or scene of your dream? (Core means the primary, sensational, strengthened, or heartfelt thought.)
  5. How you relate yourself with the core element? (make key points for it.)
  6. If your dream picture and symbol signify a part of you then which part represents your core thought?
  7. What negative or scary part you have in your dream and what it conveys to you?
  8. Do you see any object, person, or animal in your dream?
  9. If yes, close your eye, and try to focus on it. Moreover, you can ask it, “What do you want me to know?” (Maybe it responds to you, or will convert into something else.)
  10. What dream want?  (Consider dream elements and sentiments)
  11. Do you want to change the ending of your dream (If yes, what it be?)

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