Dreams – What You Know About And What You Don’t? (5)

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Frightening dreams that occur just because you neglected or denied to admit a particular life situation. Or sometimes aim to warn you about your well-being or an event.

Common reasons for Nightmares

  • Family history of psychiatric problems
  • Bad drug experiences
  • Rocky relationships
  • Response to real-life trauma and circumstances (a special category called Post-traumatic Stress Nightmare (PSN)).

Studies show that occasional nightmares are natural. But the frequent ones do require your notice and confront when it comes to events or difficulty that you have been avoiding.

Nightmare is a way in which your subconscious hints you about the situation that needs to be acknowledged and faced.

Apart from that, the solution for internal conflict or personal difficulty is easy to drive by examining and interpreting nightmares.

Crucial Reality of Nightmares

Nightmares have a bigger impact on your conscious mind. Sometimes memories stay with you for the entire day.

If you are too sensitive, spontaneous, creative, or imaginative; it implies that you are more likely to have nightmares. It is because you are very responsive as well as extremely in tune with the environment.

Recurring Dreams

Dreams that reoccur with some changes in its story or theme are known as recurring dreams. These dreams may be encouraging or terrifying in content.

So, why dreams reoccur?

When you disregarded the dispute portrayed in your dream, you may get in recurring dreams. They contain certain messages about a certain life situation. They mostly trigger when there is a temporary change in your lifestyle, or you face a problem that keeps coming back again and again.

Frequency of recurring dreams

The reoccurring frequency depends on the purpose of the dreams. They may recur every day, every week, or every month.

Content of recurring dreams

As they are trying to convey important messages, they will recur with the variation in the dream content to some extent. These types of dreams usually point out a weakness, fear, inability you are facing in your past or present.

The sole solution for the recurring dream is to pay attention and try to understand what your unconscious self is demanding.

A girls is in imaginative world
A girls is in imaginative world

Prophetic dreams

The prophetic dream is also known as a precognitive or psychic dream, a dream that predicts the future. Some theories explain that your unconscious mind is more actively collect multiple data and observation that your conscious mind ignores, refuses, or mistrust. That’s why the unconscious mind knows what is forthcoming shortly.

Scientific views

According to the scientific angles, psychic powers do not have any existence. These dreams are an only suggestion or guide for you to proceed. They provide help to make critical decisions or to reassure the right path. 

Pseudoscientific views

Many peoples remain believes that dreams can predict the future. Some people still have psychic nature; they can identify information hidden from the normal senses via using their extrasensory perception (ESP).

Epic Dreams

The other names of Epic dreams are Great Dreams, Cosmic Dreams, or Numinous Dreams. These dreams are considerably huge, robust, and powerful, nearly impossible to forget. Mostly when you awake after watching an Epic dream, you may experience an incredible discovery about yourself or the world.

How to recognize epic dreams?

If below-given points apply to your dream, then it means that your dream is an epic dream.

  • Memorably, you get greater awareness about something.
  • The dream that changes the way you look at your life.
  • Dreams that brings up intense emotion to you.
  • A dream is so fascinating that you might not stop thinking about it.
  • Admirable dreams that promote encouragement.
  • An evergreen dream which remains with you just like that you dreamt it recently.

To be continued …

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