Workout Tips | How To Boost Workout Progress & Get Higher Results?

Hey, do you know how to boost workout progress and get higher results?

Here are a few workout tips you have to follow to intensify your workout progress to get better results.

Workout Tips Series # 1: Necessary things you have to do or avoid before doing workout
Workout Tips Series # 1

Workout Tips Series # 1:

Necessary things you have to do or avoid before doing workout.

Get good quality sleep


Because when you sleep your body goes into recovery mode, and after recovery, you will be back with your full attention and energy.

For more detail check The Science of Sleep | the Series of 5-Part Guide to Healthy Sleep (Part 1)

Avoid too much sleep

“I don’t function 100% because I sleep too much.” – Stephen Fleming

We sleep to recover and refresh our body, but too much sleeping makes a person lazy and inactive.

Hydrate enough

Water plays a vital role in your fitness routine — as long as you sweat, you lose water and this will bring your energy levels down.

It’s just like that: “you wouldn’t drive a car without oil.”

Avoid too much water

However, water is necessary for hydration, but it doesn’t mean to hydrate yourself overly. It makes you feel week, having no energy.

Note: Over intake of water may raise kidney issues like hypothermia.

Take some snacks

Your body needs energy during workouts. So, if you work out on an empty stomach, your body will start burning your muscle mass and use it as energy.

Note: Eat at least 1 or 2 hours before a workout.

Avoid too much eating

Again, just like an overly hydrated body, overly fueled body makes you feel sluggish. The result will be the poor-quality workout.

Wear the right clothes

Your clothes must be adjustable enough with your positions and poses. Remember, choosing flexible and breathable fabric is the key. Over or underdressing will make you distress and self-conscious.

For more detail check Workout Essentials Checklist; Pre workout Preparations – Part 1

Choose appropriate footwear

A pair of comfortable shoes will provide better endurance and make your workout cozier. Furthermore, wearing proper footwear lessens the risk of injury and enhances your physical performance.

Start with warm-up

Don’t skip warm-up exercises before starting your actual workout, even if you exercise only for a few minutes. Warm-up exercises will increase your body’s core temperature, promote blood flow to different muscles, and decrease the risk of damage. Also, these exercises make your body ready to move accurately in the direction you want.

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