Workout Essentials Checklist; Pre workout Preparations – Part 1

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A workout is not something you can think and start it needs some planning plus preparation whether you can do it at home or any fitness school, park, etc. There are workout essentials you must consider in your pre workout preparation.

Workout Essentials

I divide this workout essentials checklist into three categories

  1. Wearables
  2. Personal Care
  3. Other related accessories

Workout Essentials: Wearables

Your workout is incomplete without proper shoes and workout attire. To make the most from your efforts, you should consider the necessary clothing and footwear.

Let’s go through the list:

Workout essentials - wearables
Workout essentials – wearables

Shorts or Leggings

Your shorts or leggings must be lightweight and comfortable. Because for intense workouts, clothes should be breathable and stretchy; also, the moisture-wicking fabric is the choicest. They provide quite enough ventilation no matter how much intense exercise you do, and will comfortably adjust when you move.

Yoga move
Yoga move

Moreover, go for legging or layered legging under your shorts for yoga moves as there are many moves in which you tend to ride up individual or both legs in the air.

Fitness Tank or Tee


For tanks or tees, a ventilated or flexible cloth is preferable. Ventilating. Should avoid stagnating ones, they make you feel distressed. Hear tanks or tees having mesh panels is an excellent option for highly intense exercises; they not only make you comfortable for doing workouts but also help you to cool down quickly.

Sports Bra

Sport Bra
Sport Bra

Females time, males should skip it. Without a perfect sports bra, it is difficult to be productive in a workout. So, make sure you can buy a bra that offers sufficient support and couldn’t chafe and digs in. Choose one that suits your body type as well as it is accurate in size.



They are important to make a comfortable workout equation. If your socks are not suitable enough, it will disturb your whole body. Choose them according to your need; there are many options available market such as running socks, yoga socks, low-cut socks, etc. Also, focus on the knit type whether they have foot-comfort features or not; like the breath zones, support zones, arch support, etc.

Sport-Specific footwear


While choosing footwear prefer brands that make shoes having specific designs and structure that fulfills workout need. When you have shoes that proper fit according to your foot size and structure, it will help you to complete workout will all mod cons.

To be continued …

for part 2 of Workout Essentials Checklist

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