Exercise & Fitness Vocabulary – (A) cont.

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fitness vocab a cont.
fitness vocab a cont.

Anaerobic Exercise, (without oxygen)

An activity in which muscles demand excessive oxygen, that is why they depend upon an internal metabolic process for getting oxygen, such that lactic acid build-up. An example of anaerobic exercises is weightlifting. 

Anaerobic Threshold

It is the point from which a person starts working out with its muscles without oxygen (It is around 87% of Maximum Heart Rate from an aerobic level.)

Angina Pectoris

Pain in chest and arms as a result of less supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Anti – Catabolism

Supplements that are used to limit breakdown within the body to promote muscle growth; for example, glutamine.


Vitamins and mineral that protects the body from free radical (unstable cells) are known as antioxidants; they remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism.

Arm Blaster

Aluminum and glass strip, support arms by keeping them in a fixed position against the trunk, this promotes proper form and isolate the bicep.


Condition in which arterial walls to become thick and hard. Mostly caused by smoking and high blood pressure, or traditionally occurs in old age.


The process in which the absorption and digestion of food or nutrients take place.

Atrophy – Shrinking or Decaying

A medical condition in which there is a decrease in size of a body part, organ, or tissue. Due to this functionality of the affected area ultimately reduces. It caused by disease-related factors, environmental and lifestyle factors, or genetic factors.

Auxiliary Exercise

Auxiliary Exercise is a voluntary exercise that complements a primary exercise. These exercises may place more elevated comparable intensity on a particular muscle or ahead of a muscle.

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