Exercise & Fitness Vocabulary – (A)

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Exercise & Fitness Vocabulary – (A)
Exercise & Fitness Vocabulary – (A)

Abs / Abdominal

Abs short for Abdominal muscles

Absolute Strength 

The total strength a person can put up in one repetition.

Accommodating Resistance 

Increasing resistance through the range of motion with the use of any equipment such as bands or chains.

Acquired Ageing 

The acquisition of the characteristics of aging at an earlier-then-normal age due to immobility and an inactive lifestyle.

Active Stretch 

Stretching a muscle using the contraction of the opposing muscle like bringing the leg up high and then holding it there without anything.

Active recovery

Consider low-intensity workout i.e. walking, gentle yoga, etc. rather than spending a complete “rest” day. 


The movement of a limb or any other part towards the midline of the body, for example, bringing the arms to side from extended position at the shoulder.


 An abnormal adhering holding muscles or other parts together that are normally separated due to inflammation or injury. 

Aerobic Capacity 

The capacity of the heart and lungs to take in and use oxygen.

Aerobic Exercise, (with oxygen) 

An activity in which the body can supply an acceptable amount of oxygen to the working muscles.


An activity involving repetitive use of the large muscles may increase heart rate and breath temporarily.

Agonist Muscles

Any muscle that causes a movement to occur through their activation is known as agonist muscle.

Amino Acids

Organic compounds that combine to form proteins.

Anabolic Steroid 

Human-made, the variation of the male sex hormone testosterone that mimics the muscle-building characteristics of the male.

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