Can I Exercise During Fast?

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It’s an interesting question “Can I Exercise During Fast?” I have a straightforward answer “yes” aside from some cases.

Everyone knows that movements like running, jogging, gym or home workout, or dancing increase the fat burning process. Similarly, a powerful method of fasting also contributes to the fat burning process. Moreover, fasting done with good hydrating and lower calories boosts blood composition, cardiovascular health, and cell recycling. 

What does Science say about exercise and fasting?

The fact dazzled me, workout during fast is pretty easy, and not only this it also boosts your energy level.

To ensure that doing workout during fast is safe and effective a research is conducted by a few health practitioners and recorded in “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Well, the summary of the research is that they take a few peoples and instruct them to perform 45 minutes of workout while fasting for 12 weeks. And after 12 weeks they found that 50% of participants prefer exercising on fast days instead of feed days.

A boy on skateboard
A boy on skateboard

Body energy and fasting

Yes, it is true exercise during fast will boost your energy level; but like other cases, your body needs some time to adjust. Possibly first 8 to 10 days are quite difficult, but I can assure you that soon it becomes easier for you. You can find yourself less sluggish and more energized during fast days. Furthermore, I also tried this and found a significant difference in my energy level. It’s truly unbelievable.

Benefits of Exercising While Fasting

  • It helps you to maintain healthy lifestyle.
  • Encourages you to fulfil your weight-loss goals.
  • Increase your strength and boost energy level.

A few things to care about

  • You can continue your exercise routine while fasting until you feel tired or sick.
  • Do not go for over the limit sessions.
  • Carefully choose workout intensity.
  • In case you are suffering from any health issue should contact your medical practitioner for advice.

By cutting a long story short, mostly exercise during fast is an ideal option, but the final decision depends on the person’s overall health and the nature of the fast.

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