Excessive Fat on Stomach – Let us be Realistic to an Unsettled Issue

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“Don’t make your stomach a wastebasket.”

Excessive Fat on Stomach
Excessive Fat on Stomach

Belly fat is extremely unhealthy. To avoid it or get rid of it, you first need to know about the culprits that encourage belly to store more fat. Let’s discuss those culprits; they are divided into three categories.

Lifestyle Factors


The biggest reason for poor health is inactivity. Due to today’s lavish and comfortable lifestyle, peoples become less active. This type of sedentary lifestyle significantly increases weight and abdominal size in men and women.

Insufficient Sleep:

Want to spend a healthy life? Get enough sleep; it will resolve half of your health issues. Insufficient sleep triggers weight gain, which mostly includes abdominal fat. Moreover, many sleep disorders provoke weight gain, especially sleep apnea. (Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder in which a person’s breathing is not as smooth as it should.)

Note: Men’s having sleep apnea issues had more abdominal fat.


Stress ruins all. The stress hormone, cortisol, which helps your body to mount a stress response, but when it produced in excess, stimulates weight gain, mainly in the stomach area. Usually, stress induces overeating means excess calories. These calories are being stored as fat all over your body, but cortisol elevates fat storage in the belly in the form of a stress response.

Note: Women having big waists proportional to their hips will found to secrete more cortisol when they stressed.

Biological Factors


In some measures, human bodies are genetically influenced to store more fat in the abdomen area of the body. It includes the gene for the receptor that manages cortisol and the gene that codes for the leptin receptor, which directs weight and calorie intake.


As people become aged, their metabolism slows down naturally, which increases total body fat.

Note: Women tend to gain a higher fat percentage than men as they get older.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage for Men and Women
Healthy Body Fat Percentage for Men and Women


Older Women be careful, gaining fat, specifically on the stomach area, during menopause is notably common.

At puberty, the hormone, estrogen signals the body to start storing fat on hips and thighs area; this is because a woman’s body is prepared for a potential pregnancy. (This internal fat is quite difficult to lose, but it isn’t harmful.)

On the other hand, at the age of menopause, estrogen levels drop which leads to fat storage in the abdomen area, rather than hips and thighs areas.

Note: Menopause precisely happens one year after a woman has her last menstrual period.

Get more detail about menopause.

The Wrong Gut Bacteria

Your gut contains an enormous number of bacteria, primarily in the colon; some of them are beneficial for your health while others not. These bacteria are known as gut flora or microbiome. They play an important role in keeping the immune system healthy and prevent various diseases if they are balanced. An improper balance of gut bacteria fosters weight gain, specifically stores fat in abdominal amongst other parts of the body. For example, obese people have more Firmicutes bacteria than normal-weight people have.

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