Excessive Fat on Stomach – Let us be Realistic to an Unsettled Issue (part 4)

Heart Disease

Excess fat around the midsection is the main reason for several heart diseases. Studies show visceral fat is quite harmful because these fat cells pump out cytokines into the body.

Cytokines are substances that help the cell to cell communication.

The substance provokes inflammation, infection, and trauma that affects your body cells’ ability who are responsible for regulating insulin and blood pressure. As a result, the heart takes a hit.

Gender Difference and Heart Diseases

Men and women both are in danger of having heart disease in different phases of their lives. Men put on weight in their bellies, mostly in their 30s and 40s, and more frequently get heart diseases. Whereas women are more likely at risk for heart diseases as they age, more often in the late 40s and 50s, they get excess belly fat when they reach their menopause.


Being overweight or obese signifies that you are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Especially, having excess belly fat indicates a strong possibility of getting diabetes because belly fat obstructs organs functionality. According to the researchers, when people have deep belly fat, their body loses insulin sensitivity, which means their body stops responding to the insulin hormone. Due to this, their blood levels eventually continue to run high; they develop diabetes.


According to the report of the world health organization, overweight is the reason behind the colon, digestive tract, and kidney cancers in one-third of cases. Moreover, visceral fat around the belly is the culprit that makes the condition worse.

As cancer is produced through mutation of body cells, so when a person carries excess fat, it signals the body to develop hormones that yield body cells to divide and multiply. The outcome is that when more cells divide possibilities of body cells mutate to cancer cells increases means there are more chances to develop cancer.  

Sleep apnea

People having large bellies are at higher risk for sleep apnea. It makes you stop breathing for a few seconds while you are sleeping. Because of that, you may experience a night full of snoring, disturbed sleep cycles, and feeling restless in the morning. Losing weight is the solution; it improves or even cures sleep apnea.

How to lose belly fat?

There are many factors by considering them peoples can lose their annoying belly fat:

Change in Lifestyle

“Believe what is productive is not sedentary but nomadic.”

If someone lives a sedentary life, he/she will experience unhealthiness, because the sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on health, it contributes to many preventable causes of death.

Fact: A sedentary lifestyle is the fourth dominant reason for mortality across the globe.

Following are the few tips to follow:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast; our body needs a healthy start.
  2. Avoid eating junk food; they add extra pounds hard to put on over the months.
  3. Try to eat healthy home-cooked meals at lunch and dinner; they are rich in nutrients.
  4. Stay active; try to make time for as minimum as 30 minutes of exercise daily.
Activity Recommendations
Activity Recommendations

Hence, sedentary lifestyle woes your health, but switching to a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to stay healthy; it helps in losing belly fat and keeping it off.

To be continued …

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