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What exactly fitness means?

To be fit is not eating right or exercise efficiently.  There is a requirement of active mind and social wellness too. Having balanced physical, mental and social health reflect person’s fitness.

Fitness means mentally satisfied and physically active you are, also have good social interaction with others.

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is the ability to perform daily activities like occupation, sports, exercise, etc.

Definition of physical fitness:

“A measure of a body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities.”

Physical fitness doesn’t concern either with how slim and good you are looking or having big biceps and a six-pack for abs.

When you’re on higher fitness levels your body functions are at peak. Lower the fitness levels, weaken the body functions are.

Ability to perform is a key factor

Mental fitness

Living your life in a satisfying way is the sign of mental fitness.

Psychological definition of mental fitness:

“Someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment has good mental health.”

It is about how you spend a life and cop life challenges.

Do you balance on all aspects of life? Do you enjoy your life?  Are you a self-caring one?

So do what makes your soul happy and values peace of mind. Remember self-care is not selfishness, it’s obligatory.

Happy man

Social fitness

Social fitness is building and maintaining a healthy connection with others. 

Socially fit life means a person has well-being relations with the community.

Definition of social fitness:

“A person’s level of support from people and institutions around them.”

It is about how you get along with others. If you have improved emotional health and self-esteem, you have improved social relations.

social life

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