Menstruation (Menstrual cycle) – Part 9

Menstrual Cycle – Last Part
Menstrual Cycle – Last Part

Do transgender guys get menses?

Yes, but some of them. If transgender men and genderqueer people have fallopian tubes, ovaries, uteruses, and vaginas, they get menses. 

Note: Many transgenders who yet not reached puberty take hormones (puberty blockers) to block gendered changes happen in their bodies during puberty, such as menses. On the other hand, transgenders who cross their puberty period consider specific birth control processes, for example, implant or hormonal IUD, which help lighten or stop their menses.

Is having a bath during the periods allowed?

Yes, you do not need to change your daily hygiene routine because of periods. Hygiene is quite necessary when you have periods. It helps you to stay clean and healthy.

Tip: Go with a warm water bath when you are menstruating, it helps relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual tension.

Few Myths to Answer

Myth: Bed rest is a must during your period.

No, you won’t be on the bed all the time. It is true, during periods, you need more sleep, but physical activities are also equally important. Additionally, exercise can lighten cramps and brighten the mood in certain situations.

Myth: Hot water increases period flow.

No again, nothing will change your period flow; your body is responsible for that. Although a warm or hot water bath will help tackle with cramps.

Myth: Irregular periods are bad for your health.

Ture, but in some cases. If you just reached puberty, it may take 6 months to a year to become regular. After that time, if you are still facing irregular periods problem, you can consult a doctor. Besides this, there are many culprits behind the missing periods, such as stress, illness, and intense exercise. In these situations, you must ask for professional help.

Myth: Menstrual blood is different from regular blood.

Wrong, menstrual blood is the same as regular blood. In addition to that, it has no odor.

Sanitary products 

Sanitary products are like lifesavers. They absorb or collect the menstruation blood and make you feel comfortable and confident. Nowadays, you can find the variety of sanitary products in the market from which commonly used ones are as follows: 

Sanitary pads

They are strips made from sustainable cotton material or a magic liquid that absorbs the blood. Mostly feminine prefer sanitary pads, especially girls who start their period because of their ease of use. The one side of that pad is sticky, easily attach to your underwear. Also, they come in many sizes you can choose them according to your body or need.


They are small tubes of cotton wool having a string at one end. You can put them inside your vagina; they absorb the blood before it comes out from your body, and to remove them, you can pull the string out from your vagina.

Note: If you properly insert tampon, you wouldn’t feel it. Although if you do not put the tampon correctly, it hurts.

Menstrual cups

They are cups made up of medical-grade silicone, which you insert into your vagina. They are a reliable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons, which collects the menstruation blood rather than absorbing it. The benefit of using menstrual cups is that you can reuse the product again and again after washing them properly.

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