Dreams – What You Know About And What You Don’t? (4)

Types of Dreams


Daydreaming takes place when your level of consciousness reduces, and you have gone in your imaginary environment – your fantasy world. It occurs during the semi-awake phase. During daydreams, you are utilizing your right brain (the creative side). An average tendency of daydreams is about 70 to 120 minutes per day.

They are mostly stupid illusions and wishful thought. But sometimes they help in relieving stress, promotes good attitude, encourages creativity, and renews the mind, body, and spirit.

Day Dreaming
A boy having wishful thought

Why daydreams become a reality?

It’s because of yourself, confuse???

Let me explain, a daydream is a visualization of your worries, needs, and hopes, and when you repeatedly think about the scenario, it becomes a reality.

For example, you use to write an article, but you have a perception that I fail to write it. Now you repeatedly have the same thoughts, even in your daydream too. It builds too much stress in your mind, so, you failed to write it.

“Positive daydreaming is healthy.”

Yes, you can indeed use it as a medium to your account and make positive events to happen. So, next, when there is an obstacle occur, try to imagine the positive end for it. Moreover, daydreaming provides a temporary escape from the demands of reality; because via daydream, you can suppress frustrations and stress without actually enacting them out.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are known dreams; in this type of dream, you know you are dreaming. During a lucid dream, your brain activity is the same as you have during a real-life event. So, whatever you will “learn” or “process” is identical to the awakening world.

Also, with some practice, it is possible to acquire and accomplish lucid dreams according to your will.

Fact: Everyone has at least one lucid dream in their entire life.

Scenarios of lucid dreams

The two scenarios of lucid dreams are as follows;

  • While dreaming many people wake themselves up when they recognize, they are dreaming.
  • On the other hand, some people love to become an active participant in ongoing dreams.

Benefits of lucid dreams

  • The only type of dream that provides you the opportunity to control your dream.
  • It gives the easiest way to fulfill your fantasies.
  • You can get the desired solution with the help of lucid dreams for waking life affairs.
  • Lucid dreaming is the best way to overcome doubts and misgivings.
  • Last but foremost, these dreams can help you to imagine and rehearse for future events in advance.

Besides all these benefits, the only drawback of the lucid dream is that they are limited to your imagination.

Healing dreams

They are Prodromic dreams, dreams that communicate an early sign or symptom related to your health. These dreams help prevent potential health problems as well as help you to get healed when you are sick. In short, with the help of healing dreams, your body can make contact with your mind.

In addition to this, these dreams can tell you about the body condition before the physical symptoms appear. They act as a useful early alert system that can inform and advise relevant to the problem.

To be continued …

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