Workout Tips | How To Boost Workout Progress & Get Higher Results? (2)

Workout Tips Series # 2: Necessary things you have to do or avoid during a workout
Workout Tips Series # 2

Workout Tips Series # 2:

Necessary things you have to do or avoid during a workout.

Avoid Socializing

Just one question.

Is it difficult for you to stop talking and texting with your buddies, or posting on social media?

It’s just a matter of 1 or 2 hours; put your cell phone away or set it on offline mode to fully concentrate on your workout.

Breath in Sync

Avoid holding your breath during exercise because it interrupts the cardiac rhythm of your body as well as rise the blood flow to the heart. Moreover, learn about correct breathing pattern, which makes your workouts more efficient. For example, during bridge inhale when you set down, and exhale when you are going up.

Practice for Accurate Postures

Proper alignment during any workout is important for achieving the best results, and it prevents your body from becoming tired shortly.

Pain and Workout

Try to understand whether you have good or bad pain. For example, mild muscle soreness during a workout, it’s completely fine to continue what you have to do unless it has an intense effect. Whereas joint pain is considered as bad pain; avoid exercising when having joint pain. The simple formula is, stop ignoring what pain indicates to you; instead, try to understand it.

Focus on your Workout

You must need body-mind connection; your progress relies on how focused you are at the time of the workout. So, keep your head in the game, all I want to say is be focused on the muscle you’re working about.

Master the basics first

First, get out of your comfort zone, put your ego aside if you want real progress. Start learning functions or techniques of exercises because they are the foundation of doing a safe and effective workout. Always remember the perfect base will help you a lot in becoming more active and fit in the long run.

Don’t Cheat Yourself

Perform exercises for every muscle group, do not focus on easy exercises. Furthermore, try to do a complete exercise, avoid partial ones. Like if you feel the pain, you can perform half-squat only. It will reduce the output of your workout.

Overstaying is bad

There is no need to spend the whole day doing exercise; your body needs rest and recovery too. 75 to 90 minutes of workout is enough for your daily fitness routine; even many hardcore athlete/bodybuilders also do so. The more you do; it will only delay your desire progress.

Go with a plan

Everything needs planning it won’t be possible that one exercise-fits-all. You must need a goal-specific program. Your primary objective will decide the volume, intensity, and the mode of your fitness program. For example, if you want to lose weight, then the mode of exercise, its intensity, and workout time all are set according to your primary goal.

Eating and drinking

No need to eat protein bars, or drink protein shakes during a workout, it may cause an upset stomach and bloat.

However, drink a few sips of water after short intervals during a workout to stay hydrated.

Avoid Stopping Short

Do not stop suddenly after running, jogging, or a treadmill workout. It makes you feel dizzy as your heart keeps pumping as if you are still doing the same. Besides this sudden stopping affects the process of deoxygenation and metabolic waste out.

To be continued …

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